Monday, 30 January 2012

At least you've got your health, or perhaps not...

So... I suppose, Happy New Year?!?!

Well for me, it's not really been so happy, I've been a little poorly. Nothing major, and I don't want to appear to be like all other men (according to women) in overplaying illness to something much much worse than it is, but I have been poorly.

I saw the year turn and all of my contemporaries flew out the door to hit the 100's on their year lists before sunset on the first of January, I settled for looking out the window at my back garden (I hit 13 species, pretty good for my garden). Tales of Shrikes, Juncos, Senor Sparrows etc filled me with a yearning to get out of the house, perhaps not to twitch as that's not really me, but at the very least to see something different, exciting or new, and hopefully take a few passable snaps.

I managed a couple of excursions, a very brief trip to Rainham Marshes on 2nd January, but I only managed half an hour before I had to accept it's easier to walk around if you can breathe at the same time. I also broke free for a full day at Rainham for my birthday (10th January), although there wasn't really a lot there for me, or anyone else for that matter. Highlight being a Stonechat.

I have been getting over to Fairlop Waters as much as I can, which has not been a lot, but I was pleased to see a flock of Siskin on the 8th January. So a couple of weeks into January and I'm feeling better right? Wrong, I got the flu. Not man-flu, a little sniffle, but proper full on flu. You know the kind that can create a lot of vacancies at an old folks home, really, really smashed me for six. My body is destroyed, but there is a bright side... I'm feeling a bit better. I have a feeling of wellness beginning to descend on me, if I can lose this cough and this F******G BLOCKED F******G SINUS!!!!!! I'll be fine.

So that's why I'm now writing, because I can feel a happy New Year on the horizon. I have booked a day off work for Wednesday to break the camera out of storage and have planned a day in Herts shooting and birding on Saturday. I rattle when I walk with all the pills I've taken, I've lost half a stone in weight (bet not many others did that over Xmas) and I still feel a bit like what falls from a camels bum, but I am sure it's coming to an end, and I will once again be in the field with my bins, camera and a smile on my face. Hopefully see a few of you there!!